About Keplr

How do I deposit my coins/tokens to Keplr?

You can either copy the address (i.e. ‘cosmos1…abcd’) from Keplr extension’s home page and send your tokens to that address. Depositing coins/tokens to Keplr doesn’t require a memo.

How does Keplr store my private key?

The short answer is: we don’t store your private key/mnenomic seed for you, you store your private key which is encrypted with your Keplr password locally within your device.

As for Ledger hardware wallets, your private key is stored locally within the hardware wallet. Keplr sends over the unsigned transaction to Ledger, which the Ledger signs after the user verifies the transaction details, and Keplr receives the signed transaction.

As for Google logins, we use Torus which securely generates a private key using DKG technology. That private key is encrypted and stored locally, but please note that Torus does not provide a mnemonic seed for the account.

Does Keplr have a mobile wallet?

We currently only support browser extensions. But please feel free to contact us at keplr@chainapsis.com if you’d like to see any new features/additions!

What is a transaction fee?

The transaction fee is a fee that goes to the validators of the network to process your transaction. Depending on how complex your transaction is, you may need to increase your transaction fee to process your transaction faster.

How long does unbonding take?

Unbonding takes 21 days, and you can’t cancel your unbonding once it has started. You will not earn staking rewards or send your unbonding tokens until the unbonding period has completed.

Secret Contracts

Why did my transaction fail?

There may be a lot of reasons why your transaction failed. Some common reasons are as follows:

  • Your transaction fee was set too low, and while it may have been successful (but just waiting in the mempool) Keplr timed out waiting for the blockchain to verify the status of your transaction. Please make sure to check your address on a block explorer before trying another transaction.
  • You are sending/staking more than your available balance (and not accounting for the transaction fee). Make sure that the amount you’re staking/sending + fee is less than your total available balance.

Secret Contracts

Secret Network

I can't see my Secret tokens

Because Keplr requires a viewing key to access the balance of your tokens, you may need to manually add the token for you to be able to see it.

Please select ‘Secret Network’ > ‘Menu’ > ‘Add Tokens’ > ‘Input the token contract address’ > ‘Select ‘Create’ under ‘Viewing Key” > and ‘Submit’

Note that you may have to wait up to 1-minute (depending on network conditions) for the token to show up.

How do I create Secret SCRT / Secret ETH?

Please refer to the tutorials for guides on how to create a Secret SCRT / Secret ETH