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Feature-packed, versatile wallet for Cosmos blockchains and more

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Simple Interface,
Powerful Features

Explore the world of interoperable blockchain applications within the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond. Stake your tokens, start using blockchain apps, and manage tokens in just one wallet.

Blockchains Supported

All the features you need in a wallet

Add any Cosmos blockchain

Any Cosmos-SDK based blockchains can be automatically added from the web-app. Instantly add wallet support for your Cosmos zone.

Smart contract support

Keplr is the only Cosmos wallet that supports smart contract interactions with CosmWasm and Secret Contracts

Flexible key management

Don't limit yourself to just mnemonic seeds. Keplr supports Google logins, private key imports, and Ledger hardware wallets for maximum usability.

Highly customizable

Need a wallet for your custom blockchain? Keplr supports non standard Cosmos transactions. Just fork it and customize.

What They’re Saying

Keplr provides a clean and straightforward user experience for interacting with blockchains and smart contracts. Their support of Secret Network and Secret Tokens has been essential to our growth.

Tor BairFounder, Secret Foundation

Keplr is moving fast in all the directions of the most exciting developments in the Interchain ecosystem.

Billy RennekampGrants Manager, Interchain Foundation

Connect blockchains to users

Reach a bigger audience by adding Keplr support for your blockchain web application today.

Our supporters

Interchain Foundation

Interchain Foundation’s Q3 grants has provided funding for the development of CosmWasm smart contract support, automatic chain addition, and many other features in Keplr., a delegation-based grant program operated by, provides funding for Keplr’s operations by allocating some all of the commission earned from the validator on the Cosmos Hub.

Secret Network

Secret Network Proposal #19 has allocated funding for the integration of Secret Contract functionalities, Secret token management, and front-end integrations on Keplr.